What We Do

We support our clients from the very beginning of the development process, understanding that a well-formulated business idea is a stable foundation of the future mobile product.

Our service

Software engineering

Our team follows the best engineering practices, methods and technologies while providing software engineering services.

Mobile development

Using In-depth knowledge to create great mobile apps.

UI/UX Design

Tailor-made and appealing design ensures great functionality with attractive UI.

Support and Maintenance

Providing full support and maintaining the digital product for flawless user experience.

Product and Data security

Following personal data security standards, we ensure security of
products and stored data.


We offer our experience and skills for a successful collaboration, for small improvements, as well as for long term partnerships.

We bring all of our services together.


Together with our client we establish the best possible development model through the consulting period, with continuously keeping the client’s insight and supplying full collaboration. At the development phase many requirements also need to be fulfilled, not only efficiency through lowering of battery usage and memory space, but others very important ones, like efficient security of stored data and personal data security standards.

Whatever you need – we deliver.


As we are experienced in various high demanding industries, such as social media, health, e-commerce, travel, finance, music, lifestyle, and many more, your business can be sure that the digital product created will match all requirements. You can be sure that the app we deliver will make your goal fulfilled, funds saved and optimally used, and your business recognizable and therefore more competitive on the market.

Don’t bother, we work for you.


When choosing us as a partner, you´ll get a good and trustworthy solution providing and outsourcing team, where you don´t have to bother yourself with self-managing the development process. You can be sure that your business will grow with help of our dedicated work on fulfilling your business success. For that reason, we are a reliable solution providing and outsourcing partner who is always there for you.

How we work


The first step of our work is to understand the business strategy, your goals and to conduct a preliminary analysis of the business idea, as we introduce a cost-benefit analysis.

Research & Analysis

Next we plan details for outlined requirements and create user personas, journey maps, and client interviews. The final goal is identify all pros and cons of the current system and to conduct a market, current competitors, and user research, while introducing the proposed system.

System Design

After setting clear requirement goals, we create a detailed overview of the project architecture and technologies being used. We provide sketches, wireframes, interactive prototypes, high-fidelity mockups, along with detailed time and budget estimation.

Product Development

Here we begin the implementation of the project, making it highly agile, with 1 to 2 weeks sprints allowing you an effective workflow and a close collaboration with us. After every finished task, we optimize and test every single aspect, to assure everything flows perfectly together.


Now that the product has been fully built out, our team at SwiftyLabs will support and guide you through the necessary deployment process, to ensure the best end results for your business.

Maintenance & Support

After the initial release, we keep maintaining the project system, monitor all activity to ensure flawless work, and make it better by adding advanced features to the product, as an answer to possible bugs.

Let’s talk about your project

Evolve your idea into a success, build on proven methodologies.

Technologies & tools

Crafting awesome, scalable, and attractive iOS apps.